What To Do Before A Veteran Dies


One of the eventualities - an unpleasant one to be sure - but necessary, that must be kept in mind

by the spouses and families of veterans, is the possible death of the veteran.

The first thing to be done by all families is to have within easy access certain papers and
documents. Among these are the following:

(1) Family insurance policies.

(2) Birth certificates of all children.

(3) The veteran's service discharge (DD 214) or equivalent war department report of separation.

(4) Any VA document(s), showing the veteran's VA claim number (A VA number is assigned to every
veteran as soon as he files for any VA benefits, and after June 1974 the Social Security number is
assigned as the claim number, even after his/her death).

(5) Veteran's Social Security number.

(6) A copy of marriage certificate(s) and any divorce decree(s) of both veteran and spouse.

Please complete the survivor's worksheet. This information will enable the Service Officer to assist

with any necessary claims.

In the event of the veteran's death, prior to contacting a Service Officer for assistance please
obtain a certified copy of the veteran's death certificate and all documents listed on page #1 of
this pamphlet.

For assistance in applying for VA benefits please contact either one of the following:

The Local American Legion Post Service Officer County Veterans' Assistance Commission Office Local
State Veterans' Service Office
The American Legion Department of Veterans' Affairs
& Rehabilitation Office

You may contact the VA direct at:

VA National Toll Free Number: 1-800-827-1000
For Hearing Impaired: 1-800-829-4833


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