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American Legion Post 17
Kodiak Alaska
December 3rd, 2015
11:00am – 4:00pm
For questions please call
Ron Engebretson





ALASKA Welcomes:

Kevin Collier

New Sons of the American Legion National Commander


   August 30, 2015 in, Baltimore, Md. at the 44th National Convention, Kevin Collier was elected as The National Commander for The Sons of The American Legion for the 2015-2016 Membership Year. Kevin lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Kevin Collier has been a member of the Sons of The American Legion for thirty-one years.  He is an Honorary Life member of Jack Henry Squadron #1 of Anchorage Alaska.  Kevin comes from an American Legion Family. His mother Lavonne is a forty-one year member of the American Legion Auxiliary, is an honorary life member of Jack Henry Unit #1 and has worked her way up through the chairs at every level to serve as the Unit President, District President, Department President and continues to serve both the Unit and the Department.  Kevin’s sister Tamera is an active member of the American Legion Auxiliary. His niece Brittney has been a member of the American Legion Auxiliary since her birth. Kevin’s nephew Kody has been a member of the Sons of The American Legion since his birth.

Kevin gains his eligibility in the Sons of The American Legion from his Grandfather - Charles W. Moeller, who served in the United States Army during World War I.  Even before the Squadron became active again at his home post, Kevin was involved helping out with the dinners, parades and kids parties.  “The American Legion seems like it has always been a part of my family and will always be an integral part.”   It is an honor to serve our countries veterans and our nation’s youth, because of my grandfather’s service.

Kevin has been involved at all levels of the Sons of The American Legion, holding key positions and offices at the Squadron, District and Detachment including Commander, three terms as Alternate National Executive Committeeman and two terms as National Executive Committeeman.   Kevin has served as Squadron and Detachment Adjutant/ Finance Officer for the past 25 years.  Over the years, Kevin has served as chairman or vice chairman of all most every Squadron and Detachment Committee.  Although Kevin is not eligible for The American Legion, he has served his Post as co-chairman and then Chairman of the local American Legion High School Oratorical contest and Boys State.  The Department of Alaska has appointed Kevin to serve as District Chairman, The American Legion High School Oratorical Contest and to serve on The American Legion Alaska Boys State Commission, including serving as counselor and Co-Director of The American Legion Alaska Boys State program.  Because of Kevin’s hard work and dedication to serving our veterans and our youth, he has been recognized as “Squadron Member of the Year”, “Jack Henry Post #1 Volunteer of the Year”, “Detachment Member of the Year” and “The American Legion Department of Alaska – Volunteer of the Year”.

On the National level, Kevin is a graduate of the National Management Institute and has served on the Youth Booklet Sub-Committee, Community Service Committee, Membership Committee, Americanism Commission, Internal Affairs Commission and Legislative Commission.  He has served as Chairman for the Americanism Commission, the Legislative Commission and the Internal Affairs Commission.  Kevin has also a served as National Vice Commander and is looking forward to serving as National Commander for the Sons of The American Legion.

During the 2015-2016 administrative year, Kevin Collier’s theme is “R.O.C.K.E.D. - Remembering OurCommitment Keeping it Every Day”.  Through Duty, Honor and Service to The American Legion’s Four Pillars - Americanism, Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, Children & Youth and National Security.

Our Focal Points will be: To continue to support our veterans; To improve educational information to the Detachments and Squadrons; To increase donations to the National Emergency Fund; To continue to focus on the Child Welfare Fund; To Continue to promote Activities in Americanism and Children & Youth Programs; To promote an increase in Activities in VA&R.

Kevin envisions a transition this year from being a great organization to being fantastic and just simply amazing as we achieve and in some areas exceed our goals as we continue to Remember Our Commitment and Keep it Every Day serving our veterans and our nation’s youth within our communities.

Kevin will have some very active Team members to help him this year starting with National Vice Commander-William Hill-East, Steve Curry-South, Dennis Henkemeyer-Central, Steve Ward-Mid West, and W. L. Foster-West. Backing up the Team, National Adjutant- Brian O’ Hearne, National Commander’s Aide-Austin Diaz, National Historian-Tom Marsden, and National Liaison John Kerestan.


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                    Note                  from                               Diane:           


Nov 23, 2015- It's going to be a lot of work to make our 75% goal before Dec 10th. Also needing to get those in the mail on Monday the 7th is really going to be a grind. The holidays are upon us with Thanksgiving this week. I believe we need about 500 members more. That is a lot. Keep on with the good work. Next goal is the 3rd week in January with an 80% membership. I have faith in our December goal. As long as we are doing our best for the good of the Legion we can be proud.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a special thanks to all of you veterans for your service. You are what makes this a great country. THANK YOU!!


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in:  MSWord, 12 point and Garamond font. NO bold letters please. NO underlining. In the email Subject line I would like it to start: YOUR NAME - And your position, & Jan/Feb  article Legionnaire (ie: Scott Kline - Commander-Jan/Feb article-Legionnaire). This makes it easier to file and locate. ALSO.. when you save it to word PLEASE oh PLEASE save it in the same format as I requested previously. Your name, position and March/April (or whichever months).  So an example: Kirk Waldhaus-2nd Vice-Jan/Feb aritcle. Saving it in that manner saves me a lot of time. Time I can use to proof those articles. Thanks in advance. Happy writing!  













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