The American Legion

Patriotism. Service. Fraternity.

It's a powerful package!

It's a program of involvement in the many facets of your life.

It's a program which can have a positive influence in the lives of you and your family.

It's a program of promise!

The Department of Alaska stretches from the far north in Koyukuk,

throughout the State of Alaska and includes the Pacific District of Guam, Japan and Taiwan.

That's a lot of ground to cover! With our new and revamped website we can make that distance a lot smaller.


ALASKA Welcomes

National SAL Commander

Kevin Collier



Please click the link below and join in 






What's online?

Go inside and explore. We've included Post information, the latest news and our bi/monthly newsletter. Membership information, photos and Committee news will be added as we get it. Need more? Use our contact page to email us your suggestions. 

        Note  from  Diane:           


Feb 08, 2016 ~~ WE need a big huge push to succeed at getting our goal. Carry your blank cards with you and sign a new member up TODAY :) 


Legionnaire:   Opting-out 

That simply means that you are saving a tree and reading the paper online. Good for you! Online is in color and better looking than the black and white copy. Opting out does not mean I will be sending the copy to you via your email. It simply means you will be coming here to the site and scrolling on the left to click on "NEWS". 


Articles for the Legionnaire need to be formatted as follows:

in:  MSWord, 12 point and Garamond font. NO bold letters please. NO underlining. In the email Subject line I would like it to start: YOUR NAME - And your position, & Jan/Feb  article Legionnaire (ie: Scott Kline - Commander-Jan/Feb article-Legionnaire). This makes it easier to file and locate. ALSO.. when you save it to word PLEASE oh PLEASE save it in the same format as I requested previously. Your name, position and March/April (or whichever months).  

Example: Kirk Waldhaus-2nd Vice-Jan/Feb article. Saving it in that manner saves me a lot of time. Time I can use to proof those articles. Thanks in advance. Happy writing!  













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